Sex with Prostitutes or Dates?

Evan Maloney gives the advantages and disadvantages of having sex with a prostitute compared to a date. Given the results of this survey, it’s a choice that men can’t afford to dismiss out of hand.

So I’ve been getting trickles of comments still for that post about sex with a prostitute being cheaper than sex with a date. Thus far the men who have been defending the “sex-with-a-prostitute” camp have been using two basic arguments of defence.

The first argument is that sex with a date might appear to be cheaper in the long run, because after a few dates you can just hang at home and order a pizza and have sex, but in the longer run it can be more expensive because divorce is so expensive these days.

The second argument is that sex with a prostitute is morally superior because a man is not pretending to want anything more than sex with a prostitute, whereas he might be pretending that a woman means more to him than just sex in order just to get sex.

Both of these arguments seem a little bit white-picket-fence pleasantwille kind of arguments to me, but if that’s the way society still rolls then I’m prepared to be given a heads-up here today. Read more

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