Everyone Pays for Sex, but How Much?

Everyone pays for sex, but how much? Nerve asked nine people to track their sex-related expenses for a month. For some of them, patronizing prostitutes would probably be cheaper.

How we spend our money says as much about our priorities as the people we choose to share a bed with, and often, those two decisions are hopelessly intertwined. Sex, dating and relationships are expensive: flowers, hairdos, clothes, contraceptives, lube, cabs, texts, dinners, (breakfasts?) — how much does it actually come to? Is being single really more expensive than being in a relationship? Are people who make $20,000 spending as much as those who make over a grand?

We asked nine people to spend one month diligently tracking every dollar spent in pursuit of sexual gratification — everything from trolling the bars to getting off solo to full-blown romantic intercourse. Some of the results were surprising, but numbers don’t lie, baby. Read more

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  1. […] and disadvantages of having sex with a prostitute compared to a date. Given the results of this survey, it’s a choice that men can’t afford to dismiss out of hand. So I’ve been getting […]

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