Chicago Bar Scores Hit with Nude Sarah Palin Portrait

People are flocking to snap pictures of the latest tribute to Sarah Palin, a nude portrait depicting her in red stilettos and her trademark eyeglasses.

There’s been no shortage of takeoffs on Sarah Palin lately, from television skits to action figures, but Bruce Elliott has gone one step further than most. He’s taken off her clothes.

Elliott, whose wife, Tobin Mitchen, owns the Old Town Ale House on Chicago’s North Side, painted a nude portrait of the Republican vice presidential nominee and hung it above the bar, where it’s now a prime attraction among his display of more than 200 celebrity portraits and other racy art. Read more

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  1. […] by Svetlana Ivanova Yesterday I posted about a Chicago bar that is drawing crowds by displaying a nude painting of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarsh Palin. The news sources that first broke the story […]

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