Two Things to Watch Out for in the Swinger’s Lifestyle: Klingons and Predators

Kasadie investigates Klingons and Predators: two types of swingers that can reflect badly on the lifestyle.

Klingons and Predators. No, this is not a story about creatures with big foreheads and bad tempers or ones that turn invisible and hunt California governors for sport. This is a story about two of the hazardous types of swingers that can ruin your lifestyle experience. Whether they are singles or couples, they are always a pain and always a bad reflection on the rest of us. So let’s break each one down. Read more

One Response

  1. Good article link!

    Unfortunately, we met one of the Predator species at a Hotel Party this last weekend. It caused enough upset that we actually ended up leaving early. They’re out there folks!


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