7 Scorching Sex Tricks That’ll Send Him through the Roof

Cosmopolitan found seven women whose urn-him-on techniques are so creative they should be trademarked. Check out my favorite, “The Rock-Him Hula,” and then read on to learn six more easy-to-master moves, plus the scoop on how to develop your own. ”

The Rock-Him Hula

“I have a way of making me-on-top sex extra-spectacular for both of us. I straddle Leon, planting my feet flat on either side of his hips so that my breasts are squeezed between my knees. Then I begin rocking my butt, keeping him in me the whole time. Whenever he’s on the bottom, I can control how deep he penetrates and at what angle. But when I anchor my feet on either side of him rather than just kneeling, I get even better leverage and can position my body so he’s directly hitting my G-spot, which means bigger orgasms for me. I also love this position because I can watch him lying underneath me squirming with pleasure and see his penis sliding in and out of me. It feels almost pornographic!”

Why he flips: “If this move doesn’t show off Maria’s incredibly erotic imagination, I don’t know what does. She takes a common position (her on top) and turns it into something insanely erotic. A huge part of it is the view. She looks really powerful; I can see her luscious inner thighs and everything between them. And I love her take-charge attitude. The way she presses herself against me to make sure she’ll get off takes me right over the edge!” Read more

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