The Official Republican Sex Position: Drilling for Oil

At the 2008 Republican National Convention, Rudy Giuliani led the delegates in a chant, “Drill, baby, drill!” Senator John McCain’s running mate Governor Sarah Palin strongly supports drilling for oil in Alaska and offshore. Even Florida’s own governor Charlie Crist changed from being against offshore drilling to supporting it during the brief time he was being considered as a vice-presidential nominee.

With their strong support for increased oil exploration, undoubtedly, the Republican Party’s official sex position must be “Drilling for Oil.”

Drilling for Oil: The woman lies on shoulders with her back up against a bed or couch (sort of like the yoga shoulder stand) with her legs folded toward her head. The man stands astride and inserts his penis from a standing position.

Can you picture Cindy McCain in that position, screaming, “Drill, baby, drill!” I can, but somehow, I just can’t picture John McCain doing the drilling.

One Response

  1. Pristine wilderness: a place never been drilled before.
    I like David Letterman’s suggestion of “never been drilled” – Condoleezza.
    Can you picture McCain, Palin drilling that “never been drilled”?
    Sorry if I lose your appetite.

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