Virginity in a Vial

Tango reports on (though it doesn’t endorse) a new product called Liquid Virgin. Liquid Virgin promises to tighten and constrict your vagina, which “makes every time feel like the first time.” Even if that is what women want, the active ingredient, potassium alum, is potentially harmful to the body.

Hot on the heels of hymenoplasty news comes liquid virgin (via Feministing). According the to promotional copy, ladies desiring a narrower love tunnel should apply a few drops 15 minutes before sexual activity. The active ingredient is potassium alum, which has astringent properties that causes skin to pucker, and is often used in deodorants and leather tanning. An excellent choice for the vagina, no? Read more

A much better, not to mention safer, alternative to Liquid Virgin are the PC muscle exercises in my post Vaginal Strengthening Exercises for a More Powerful Orgasms (or just have anal sex).

One Response

  1. my kid and i were watching old bugs bunny cartoons yesterday. bugs gave a pompus opera singer alum and it made his head shrink.
    funny stuff!

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