Tantra Anal Touch for Women

Tantra instuctor Jaiya talks about anal play for women.

3 Responses

  1. Fascinating woman but too technical presentation and some bullshit… anal sex for instance DOESN’T stimulate the G-spot, which is on the opposite side of the vagina in relation to the anal channel.

  2. Jaiya is a professional sex educator, and she doesn’t propagate “bullshit.” The G-spot can be stimulated by a thrusting penis in the rectum because the membranes are thin, and in that area of the body there isn’t anything thick (like a bone) separating the body parts. The pressure can be felt and transmitted throughout the area.

    Without anything in the vagina, the penis can definitely put “pressure” on the G-spot which can be very enjoyable to some women – so much so that they orgasm. The penis does not necessarily have to be directly touching the G-spot. Imagine if you got a massage under a down comforter. You wouldn’t feel as much sensation during the massage, but you would still feel generalized pressure – same thing here.

  3. I’m with you Svetlana. My wife enjoys anal sex and regularly orgasms during.

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