The Sex Skill No Man Can Resist

If you’re not using your mouth to its maximum potential, you’re overlooking your most potent sex skill. Judy Dutton at Redbook describes 13 amazing kisses, nibbles, and other mouth maneuvers that will send your man over the edge. Here’s just one of them:

The Hot Hummer
Letting loose a sensual moan while you’re putting your mouth to work anywhere on his body (but sensitive parts in particular, like his inner thigh or the inside of his arm) not only sounds darn sexy, it can also create a totally new sensation he’ll get addicted to real fast. “Humming causes your mouth to vibrate in a way that feels similar to sex toys,” says Gardos. (If you think only women enjoy vibrators, here’s a news flash: Men like what they do, too.) Plus, varying the pitch of your voice creates a range of sensations: Lower pitches create slower vibrations; higher pitches, faster ones. “My husband not only likes the sensation, but hearing me moan lets him know I’m really into it,” says Sheryl. “And that gets him more turned on.” Read more

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