Spanking for Beginners: How to Spank and Get Spanked

Spanking is hot in more ways than one. Tango magazine provides beginners advice on how to spank and get spanked.

… The posterior is full of its own nerves, and the bum is also located near the body’s sensory hot spots—a man’s scrotum and a woman’s vulva. A naughty maneuver like spanking is a great way to send ripples through the skin and stimulate that entire area, [Yvonne] Fulbright says.


Once you’ve figured out your fantasy, how do you ask to be spanked—or to give a spanking? Try renting Secretary, the 2002 movie starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader, and watching it with your sweetie, suggests [Rachel Kramer] Bussel. If indie films aren’t your bag, she suggests you find a YouTube video or a web site which contains spanking, showing it to your partner and asking what they think about trying it. Read more

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