20 (More!) Sex Do’s and Don’t’s

These 20 sex do’s and don’t’s were too hot to print in Glamour magazine’s survey of more than 10,000 women and men. How do you answer these slightly naughty questions?

Oral sex is generally considered a Do, but what about…
Special positions like 69:
It’s a Do, say 82% of women and 95% of men.

“Even though it’s kind of hard to concentrate, it’s amazing being able to give and receive—I call it oral sex with a bonus treat!”—Clare, 35, New York City

The whole swallowing thing:
It’s a Don’t, say 52% of women. But it’s a Do, say 85% of men.

Women are pretty evenly divided, but most men are pro (they, of course, aren’t doing the swallowing….).

“It’s the tidiest sex there is. If Monica had done it, there’d have been a lot less evidence against Bill Clinton!”—David, 38, New York City Read more

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