Pleasure Tip of the Week

Do you know where your Gluteal Fold is? It’s a hot spot for foreplay, yet a rarely noticed part of the body. Exploring Intimacy reveals where it is and how to stimulate it.

Meet your Gluteal Fold, hot foreplay spot and subject of this week’s Friday Pleasure Post!


The Gluteal Fold is a very sensitive area found right where the bottom of your butt cheek meets your leg. This spot is so well known for its sexy properties that it is recognized as a Secondary Erogenic Zone in eastern Tantric sexual practices! Read more

2 Responses

  1. Thanks. I’m going to tr yand put your advice into practice. I love having sex with new guys/gir;s & usually meet them thru so next time – I’ll get my folds rubbed!

  2. Thanks for the love, SexSecrets!
    We just started posting a new tip every Friday over at Exploring Intimacy and are so glad you noticed!

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