Diddy: I’d Win a Gold Medal in Sex

New York magazine asked Sean “Diddy” Combs what sport that’s not in the Olympics could he win a gold medal in. “Who could have sex the longest,”he answered

In honor of the Olympic Games, we asked Sean “Diddy” Combs about his favorite sports to watch last night at his spring-summer 2009 Sean John presentation. And faster than you can say “Michael Phelps just won gold again,” he answered, “Track and field!” … So what if there were a new Olympic sport, something he himself might have a chance of winning, we asked. What would that be? “Who could have sex the longest,” he told us in a soft voice and with a straight face, while looking into our eyes. Read more

4 Responses


  2. Ask Diddy.

  3. may be some body else can answer. my gerlfrend and i have a regular sex for 3-4 hours straight and we wonder how common is it.

  4. That’s longer than average, but you’d have to ask Diddy what his gold medal standard is.

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