How to Please Your Woman in Bed and Out

Best Life magazine gives men some ideas on how to please their women in bed and out. Here are a few excerpts:

Get sweaty with her
A 10-year study of 168 couples by researchers at the University of Texas found that men and women who work out together as a couple have more-satisfying sex. Choose noncompetitive sports, such as hiking, road biking, running, and skiing, suggests Megan Babkes, Ph.D., a professor of social psychology of sport and physical activity at the University of Northern Colorado.


Teach her to signal for sex
Because women are better communicators in general, we assume they’re good at communicating in the bedroom.

Not so. She may be in the mood for something special but too shy or proper to speak its name. The next time the two of you are getting playful, ask her to help you come up with a secret code word or phrase for a certain sexual act. (Example: “Honey, tonight let’s do the ‘Jenna Bush.’”)


Touch her in waves
When you’re stroking your partner, don’t move up and down her body in straight lines. If you move your hands in a wavy, irregular pattern, the nerves in her skin are surprised by your touch, and they become more excited. Read more

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