Quickies for More Excitement and Passion

Quickies are a sure fire way to keep your relationship alive and exciting, says sex coach Cynthia Perkins. Some women tend to dislike quickies, she admits, but if you use the quickie sporadically and recognize all the many benefits it can offer, you can find a new appreciation for it.

The quicky should only be used intermittently. Be sure to keep balance in your relationship.  Quickies should be mixed in with lots of long sensuous lovemaking sessions as well as some mind blowing, raw and carnal sex.

Most women take a while to reach orgasm so with a quicky she may not be able to achieve orgasm, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be pleasurable.  Lovemaking doesn’t always have to end with an orgasm.  The sexual energy, sense of adventure, emotional closeness and other pleasurable physical sensations can be enjoyed just as well.

However, if you’d like to increase the chance you can orgasm with a quicky there are a few things you can do. Read more

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