How to Get Her into Bed … with Humor

There is nothing more seductive and sexy than a man with a sense of humor. A man who makes me laugh is a man I want to spend more time with, and who knows where that might lead? Men’s Fitness gives men five tips for breaking the ice and getting women into bed … with humor.

Few people are truly great joke tellers; it requires a perfect balance of dryness, timing, and execution. Unless you’re a seasoned pro, keep it simple and arrive at the punch line in less than one minute. Rope in your target audience by asking her to tell a joke. While it may sound forward, the competitive streak in your lady will really respond to this challenge. Once she tells it, don’t lavish her with too much praise, but say “OK, OK, I’ve got one for you,” and give it your best shot. Again, keep it short and witty. This one never fails: “Guy walks into a bar . . . says ouch.” It’s easy, clever, and is guaranteed to make her laugh, unless she’s a tight-ass . . . or incredibly dumb. Read more

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