Women and Sex: Top 10 Worries

It’s a well-known fact that women are always worried about something, so it should come as no surprise that sex is one of those things. What are the top ten sex worries for women?

Everyone worries about sex. Are you doing it right? What if your body’s not supermodel-standard? Why doesn’t sex feel as good as it should? We go under the covers to try and solve the top ten sex worries for women.

1. What if he doesn’t like my body?
With often unattainable superbods gracing mags and media, body image has a lot to answer for and can affect your ability to enjoy sex. What’s important to remember is that whatever your body shape is, your partner will be more bothered about whether you’re having a good time than about your allegedly wobbly thighs or skinny arms. He’s probably not perfect either but if you both relax, the sex will follow suit. Read more

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  1. halooo sexyy how are you

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