What Is a Good Size for a Penis?

Times Online sex experts Suzi Godson and Dr Thomas Stuttaford discuss what a good size for a penis is, at what point does size do more harm than good, and how important the circumference is for stimulation.


Toughie. I guess a guy with a smaller penis finds it easier to pee in, rather than on, the toilet, but the long schlong is more versatile for genital origami. Seriously though, when it comes to sex, an enormous penis is an asset only if you are planning a career in porn. Women, like men, come in all shapes and sizes and our genitals tend to be proportionate.



… A large penis, although it may prompt immediate admiration and have a pronounced wow effect, won’t make much difference to a man’s ability as a lover. Sexual skill depends more on what is between the ears than the legs. The only dubious advantage of a monster penis is that it could lead to a career as a porn actor. Read more

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