Why Women Feel More Attached after Sex than Men

Are hormones the reason women feel more attached after sex than men do? Sarah Carrillo at Savvy Miss reveals what effect the oxytocin – the “cuddle hormone” – could be having on your relationships and sex life, and how to tell if it’s him or the oxytocin you’re attracted to.

Many of us have been in a relationship with someone who was all wrong for us, yet we stayed because we “felt a connection.” It can be tough to figure out what’s going through our heads when this happens, but what if it was actually beyond our control?

There is a little-talked-about hormone, oxytocin—nicknamed the “cuddle hormone”—which is released during sex and could be effecting our relationships and sex lives and relationships in ways we’ve never thought of. Read more

3 Responses

  1. Actually, this is a very simple…and scientific…truth at play. I believe in the ‘Biological Imperative’ as the prime motivator for why we’re here.

    For men, that means spreading seed. For women, it means bearing children. (Naturally, this isn’t the ONLY reason any of us are here, merely the core. We are, after all, biological entities, and that means that survival and continuance is what drives us.)

    So it only makes sense that women would -generally- have a different process going on post-sex than men would. (Keeping in mind that the body doesn’t differentiate between having sex, making love and making babies.)

  2. The scientific truth at play is that estrogen enhances the effect of oxytocin and testosterone suppresses it. Women need to realize that sometimes our feelings of attachment may be more due to biochemistry than anything positive about the relationship.

  3. Not just biochemistry. That’s at the surface. What I’m suggesting is something that actually promotes the biochemical process this report presents. Our biological roles are entirely and completely different…as are our essential motivations. If everything was ‘equal’, the whole oxytocin element would be moot. But I find that for many people…especially ardent feminists…the notion of something having an impact on us that goes beyond the intellectual (that is, our essential amimal nature) is unacceptable. Which is why so many discussions about ‘the differences between men and women’ end up being laughable.

    Yes, women need to have a better understanding of their ‘feelings of attachment’…and also, a better understanding of why we, as animals, act the way we do in general.

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