Fertile Wives Find Single Men Sexy

Women in relationships find single men sexiest when they are fertile, but single women have no such preference. Does this mean that adulterous women have a subconscious desire to get pregnant by another man? That could lead to a lot of men raising other men’s children without knowing it.

For partnered women, a manly man with no attachments seems sexiest when she is fertile.

Whom do you fancy? When in a relationship, women’s preferences change over the course of their menstrual cycle.

Women beware: instinctive preferences might up the odds of getting pregnant when cheating on a partner. Read more

One Response

  1. Hmm… Though still at the early stages of study, this seems to connect with my longstanding theory of Biological Imperatives. (That is, the primary urge for males is to spread seed, and for the females, to have offspring. Civilzation, etc, is the icing on this most basic of cakes.)

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