The Girl’s Guide to Casual Sex

Though a recent study confirmed the conventional wisdom that women dislike one-night stands, Zingy Galore believes more should be done to encourage casual sex.

Some women are fantastic with blenders, knitting needles and recipe books. I’m great with one night stands. I believe I have it all down-pat. Nothing fazes me, and while many may frown upon the sinful deed that involves few commitments, other than sexy lingerie or going commando, I feel that more should be done to encourage sex positivity in this area.


Negotiating sexual autonomy and independence can be a sticky feat. Pretense can be a regular role that is played out, or arrives during social gatherings. It isn’t easy to respond with, “I’m trying to make up my mind for tonight: Tony, Michael or Bill the hot babe?” One night stands can be positive. They can provide the ideal opportunity for you to try out a new sex technique. If you make an error, or like me, squeeze a littler harder trying The Squeeze Technique, it isn’t the be all and end all.

How to have a guilt-free casual encounter? Read more

3 Responses

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