Man-Melting Oral Sex Secrets

Could you handle your man doing the dishes unprompted, picking up your dry cleaning, and staring at you all googly-eyed while you’re minding your own business watching TV. If you think you could…

In her book Orgasms: How to Have Them, Give Them and Keep Them Coming, Lou Paget offers her best man-melting oral sex secrets. But we must warn you: Her advice may cause your guy to act strangely. He may do the dishes unprompted. He may pick up your dry cleaning. You might even catch him staring at you all googly-eyed while you’re minding your own business watching TV. Think you can handle that? If so, put your vixen hat on and start taking naughty notes.

There are four main components that combine to create great oral sex. Like dancing, sometimes you put all the steps together in one move and other times you slow down the pace, but more than likely you are constantly varying your moves to the beat and according to how you feel at the moment. Read more

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  1. For some, oral sex is one of the great pleasures in life, for others it’s just something to do sometimes for a short period before engaging in standard intercourse. For those of us who very much enjoy oral sex and can be plenty happy to have an evening of that, and no standard intercourse at all, finding a partner who not only enjoys it as much as we do but is also adept at it, can be tough at best.

    The difference between oral sex and fantastic oral sex, although they both get to the same place is like the difference between a $20 dinner at Denny’s and a $200, four-course meal at Chez Francois. Although both meals satiate you, there is a huge difference in the overall satisfaction of the evening.

    Which brings me to my point, many people either don’t feel comfortable talking about specifics of what they are currently doing sexually, or they don’t know what would feel better. Which is why books like this are great, they can teach you how to please your partner more and in turn get more from them.

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