Cyber Sex in Second Life: 5 Tips for Men

Second Life (SL) is an Internet-based virtual world video game in which Residents explore, meet other Residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, and create and trade items (virtual property) and services with one another. Among the activities that residents can participate in is cybersex, but Alicia Chenaux says cybersex in SL is lot different from cybering in chatrooms and IM, so she gives men five tips for getting women into the pixelsack.

There’s been some talk lately [at least in my circle] about the fine art of cybersex. Well, the fine art of cybersex as it is in SL, which as anyone can tell you, is a heck of a lot different than cybering in a chatroom or on instant messenger. And, quite honestly, I think it can be a heck of a lot more satisfying.

So talking to a few women I know, I’ve put together a list of things that may help some of you men out when trying to get us into the pixelsack. Read more

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  1. Propriety and good i-manners be damned:




    Lord, I can’t imagine anything more sad than someone who has to devote time and effort to creating an alternate existence such as in the Second Life universe, seemingly because they’re unable to craft the one they crave in their ‘first life’.

    And what’s worse is that many people can’t even see what’s so sad about it all.

    I think that science fiction story was probably prescient: we WILL end up being pure brains, essentially bed-bound, living out our existences vicariously through virtual reality machines.

  2. I’m not a member of Second Life, but I think the point is to live a parallel or alternative life rather than a substitute one. It would simply be a way of expanding your experiences – just like reading fiction- but in an interactive way. Plus, I think you can run businesses and make real money within the virtual world though I could be wrong about that.

  3. I’ve known at least one person who was well into Second Life. She was a close friend. And I could never reconcile the fact that she’d have this inclination to invest so much in this world.

    And I think you’re playing semantical gymnastics with ‘substitute’ vs ‘alternative’. As with the notion that you’re ‘expanding your experiences’ in an interactive way. Um… THAT’S WHAT LIFE WAS DESIGNED FOR!!!


    Not that I’ve minced my words here, but if you want to know how I see all of this, every aspect of essentially trying to buttress your life by doing an end-around and pushing ‘make-believe’ to the max…then Google the movie ‘Monster Camp’ and watch the trailer.

    Second Life is just porn…except there, you’re not ALWAYS fucking. I wonder what kind of lives those people who put 10+ hours a week into it could be living…in the REAL WORLD.

  4. Perception is reality. Is commenting on a blog less real than a face-to-face conversation? Less personal, maybe, but not less real. Our minds construct reality from our perceptual input. It ultimately doesn’t matter what the source is.

  5. “It ultimately doesn’t matter what the source is.”

    This notion falls apart when relationships are concerned. “It ain’t real until you kiss ’em.”

    We weren’t created to communicate electronically. We weren’t born with modems. NOTHING takes the place of face-to-face contact. The modern world has yet to come to grips with this truth. We are, in the end, animals. And animals require, for truthful communication, to be THERE with the person. Using all senses in the dialogue. Because, other than Second Lifers, we don’t live in an electronic world.

  6. “We weren’t created to communicate electronically.?” is a very problematic assertion. We weren’t created to read books, ride in cars, fly, or a lot of other things either. We created these tools to extend our mobility and expand our consciousness.

    Of course we’re animals, but we’re animals that don’t just adapt to our environment, but who also modify it.. “NOTHING takes the place of face-to-face contact?” So this exchange of comments isn’t real because we are not THERE, using all our senses in dialogue?

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