5 Fun Foreplay Positions

Who says sex positions are only for intercourse? They can also be very helpful before sex too. Remember that great foreplay gets her aroused and ready to give you the amazing sex you’re looking forward to.

… Here are some creative foreplay positions to help you get hot ‘n heavy before jumping into a full-fledged sheet-tangling, sweat-dripping showdown.

She’ll wonder what you’re up to when you get her into this oral sex position.

1- The nose dive

Description: She rests on her shoulders and raises her legs over your shoulders. You should place your hands under her bottom to give her added support. Here’s a tip: Because this position can be strenuous on her back, she should lie with pillows under her shoulders.

Benefits for you: The best thing about this position is the scenery — just look up and you’ll get a pleasant view of her body from a great perspective. Since you have to support her legs, you also get easy access to her backside, so go ahead and cop a feel.

Benefits for her: Receiving oral sex at this angle can be quite pleasing for her, but it may be a little uncomfortable for her neck and shoulders. Take this position slowly and ask her how she’s doing a couple of times, just to make sure she’s enjoying it as much as you are. Read more

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