The Top 30 Extreme Places to Have Sex

Where are the thirty most extreme places to have sex? A public bathroom came in at number five.

There is an episode of “The Simpsons” where Marge and Homer try to spice up their love life by having sex in unlikely places. Marge is turned on by the danger in the possibility of getting caught. They try it in a hot air balloon and the windmill of a miniature golf course, among other places. Just in case you can’t fit through the hole of the windmill of your nearest miniature golf courses, we’d like to offer up some options for the most extreme places to have sex as a result of a poll taken on a local university campus:

1) The roof of your neighbor’s house. You’ll probably have a great view depending on the higher the roof, and its more adventuresome if their home. What to watch out for–peaks and slippery shingles. Read more

One Response

  1. “You’ve heard about women leaning on the washer during the spin cycle? Well, it really works. The rest is up to you, but try oral sex here. Have her sit on top of the washer while you kneel in front of her. Use several pillows to increase the height if you need to.” I love this one, looks like something to try :)

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