5 Sex Games

Everyone loves games, and everyone loves sex, so why not combine the two? Playing sex games satiates your sex drive, lets you live out your fantasies, and brings you closer together.

Spin the Bottle, Two Minutes in the Closet, Strip Poker, Naked Twister — in college, flirty games are a rite opassage, but once you settle into your 20s and 30s, and into a real relationship, it’s easy to let all the grown-up stuff push playtime to the back of the line. Bad idea.

Sex games not only break up bedroom boredom, they also open up the lines of communication and give you an excuse to expand your sexual repertoire. Oh yeah, and did we mention that sex games add a new meaning to fun between the sheets?

Here are some sex games that are sure to put the spice back into your bedroom antics. Read more

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