Swapping and Swinging

The Sun newspaper’s sex therapist Deidre gives advice on swinging, and says the fantasy doesn’t always match the reality.

Most people in steady relationships occasionally wonder what it would be like to make love with someone different.

It’s not easy to keep your sex-life feeling fresh and exciting for year after year, and swapping partners for the odd night can sound like the best way to sharpen up your appetite without risking your relationship.

After all, if you’re both doing it openly, the argument runs, what can be the harm?

It doesn’t involve deceit, like an affair, and you both have fun.

The Internet has vastly increased the ease with which you can make contact with other potential swingers, and you can find dogging sites within a few metres with a few clicks of the mouse. All very simple.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. Read more

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