Where to Have Sex in Public

More women are turned on by sex in public than you might think, and suggesting it makes you look like a spontaneous, fun guy, which is always a good image to cultivate. AskMen.com suggests seven public places for sex, from the shopping mall to the local golf course.

Does it turn you on to do it in public?

Listed here are the best places to slip away for some sex without getting caught. Granted, I already know about the movie theater, the backseat of your car at “Inspiration Point” and the airplane restroom, but how about the college classroom, the train car or the coat check room? Read more

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  1. Nice

  2. […] Worst Places for Public Sex I posted about seven of the best places for public sex, but what are some of the worst places? A story the other day caught my eye. A young couple was […]

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