10 Things Men Wish Women Knew

There are some things that men just wish that women understood. Shawn McKee lists ten of them.

Spring is here — and that means love is in the air! Flowers bloom, birds chirp and people wake from their winter slumbers, looking for love. Yes, romance blooms as the warm, spring air coaxes us out of our caves and into the sunny world around us.

For as long as people have been pairing up, they’ve had problems with communication. So to help alleviate some of the problems that arise when the sexes try to coincide in courtship, I’ve put together a list of things women should know about men. As a man, these are the things I wish every woman knew about me — and my brethren — to make life simpler for everyone. Read more

One Response

  1. This is nice, but I’d still like to see the male’s version of the list from women you recenlty linked to. (This one isn’t rooted in sex.) Makes it seem like women, unlike men, ‘get it’ where sex is concerned, by shifting the focus to more general matters. Or…maybe…gives the impression that men are satisfied with that they can get, have no complaints? Hmm…

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