Cosmo Women No Longer Seek the Perfect Orgasm

Cosmopolitan editor editor Lorraine Candy says that readers are more interested in emotional stability. Apparently the latest readers have less partners than 30 years ago, and are less promiscuous.

… Buying and reading Cosmopolitan in 1972 was a big statement about the sort of woman you were. It was an accessory that confirmed that you were sassy and savvy. Subscribing to the magazine conferred a certain freedom, sexual liberation and disposition as a thoroughly modern woman on the reader.

The fact that up to half of the magazine contained advertisements for beauty products urging you to do everything the articles told you not to do didn’t seem to dampen its role as the bible for modern women which came in monthly instalments.

Now 30 years later the 463,000-circulation monthly is in line for a make-over according to editor Lorraine Candy who says that women today are looking for emotional stability rather than the perfect orgasm. Read more

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