Japan’s Panty-Flashing Bars

Some of Tokyo’s coffee bars feature exhibitionist waitresses who stand over cameras that film up their skirts to LCD monitors on the customer’s table.

… Fetish Kissa Chirarism P is a chirarism cafe in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district. At first glance, it looks like any ordinary cafe, with a 15-seat counter, a few round tables and LCD monitors placed on each table. It starts getting different with cups of coffee that cost 1,200 yen, about three times the price of the equivalent latte in a regular coffee shop. And things really change when it comes to the way the waitress presents the coffee as hidden cameras film up her skirt and beam the images to LCD monitors in front of the client. Read more

I wonder what happens if a waitress accidentally forgets her panties – the way Britney Spears occasionally does? Is she fired, or does she get a bigger tip?

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