3 Mistakes Men Make That Cause Women to NOT Have Sex with Them Ever Again!

Did you think that sending her flowers, taking her to dinner, AND bringing her to a screaming orgasm would guarantee you a return engagement? Think again. Men not only have to do everything right, but also have to avoid doing anything seriously wrong. If you want to be invited back to her bed, don’t make one of these three mistakes that cause women to not have sex with you ever again.

So you thought it went really well. You lavished her attention and ensured she reached her climax first before you did. So why doesn’t she want to ‘hook up’ with you again? Chances are, you committed one of the three mistakes that most men do after having sex.

While men are often only concerned about what occurs DURING sex, women are bit more complicated; they also put attention (A LOT of attention) on what occurs after sex.

If you’ve never really picked up on this before, then chances are you’ve committed one of the following mistakes. Read more

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