6 Tips for Crafting a Naughty Email

Since so many people are trying to hook up online, Naked City‘s six tips for crafting a naughty email may come in handy when trying to persuade a “friend” to become more than friends.

  1. Masturbate first so you’re a little riled up and glowy when you write.
  2. Use a thesaurus (well, thesaurus.com at least – who remembers those archaic coding systems for the analog version anymore?) but don’t get carried away. Actually, Urban Dictionary is a good option too – again, don’t get carried away. Read more

Daily Bedpost has a funny review of these six tips, which you should read if you plan to use them.

One Response

  1. This list is terrific! Though when I played the field before I was married, I used to masturbate and cum before going on dates, just so I wasn’t too aggressive. ;-)

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