Rasputin’s Secret Russian Sex Techniques

Grigori Rasputin was a legendary character in Russian history, but I didn’t know that he had a sex position named after him – a rather unusual one, naturally.

… Rasputin was a member of the religious cult known as Khyysty (the flagellants). This group would practice both self-flagellation, and group sex till exhaustion, and entering into some form of religious ecstasy.

From the diary of one of Rasputin’s devotees, we find some excerpts of the sexual practices they engaged in.

At the turn of the century, Russia was (and still is) a sexually liberated place.

Many of the West’s sexual mores, especially those of the UK and USA, did not affect the general Russian character. In any event, the Khyysty would use three basic sexual positions which are great for both man and women. Read more

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