Welcome to the Megagasm

Dr. Annie Sprinkle, author of Dr. Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex, explains the “megagasm,” an intense, full-body experience which feels like being “breathed by the Universe.”

During a megagasm it can feel as if there is a lifetime of pent-up emotion bursting free — and it is. You might feel a sensation of being “breathed by the Universe”; your body open with electricity streaming through. You may experience lots of tingling in your hands and lips, your jaw may chatter, and your lover may end up having some kind of contact orgasm too. Just hold on tight, and ride, ride, ride that humongous wild tidal wave of bliss.


It’s rather difficult to describe exactly how to have a megagasm, because women and their lovers are all so different. But here are some notes about megagasms: Read more

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