5 Techniques to Reach Simultaneous Orgasm

Many couples try, at least once, to hit that magical moment of synchronicity when you reach orgasm together. If this is your desire, Real Sex Tips gives five techniques to help couples reach simultaneous orgasm.

Simultaneous orgasm is what many couples dream to achieve, though many find it quite difficult due to different time required to men and women to reach the big O. It is possible for both partners to make the earth move at the same time if they both learn how to control your performance. Read more

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  1. Hi there, I am fortunate that 99% of the time my girlfriend and I achieve orgasm together. We are both in our 40s, fit and considered very attractive (by others, not just ourselves!) which heightens the sexual encounter (the fact we fancy the pants off each other). Ever since we met, we have been in complete and utter synchronicity and that’s not just in sex! I think we are very fortunate since we both believe we have found the ideal partner.

    Whilst both of us no doubt are pretty experienced sexually, I don’t think it’s the control that enables us to have simultaneous orgasms. I truly believe it’s because we are completely in tune on every level, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and therefore sexually. I have always had to work on simultaneous orgasm with the other partners I have had. This has been down to iron will and a belief in making my partner happy. Now I have met someone who wants to make me happy too I am enjoying perfect sex.

    My girlfriend tells me she can feel me grow and let herself go. She can feel the muscles at the base of my penis contract and it’s this signal she uses to let herself go. It’s not as selfish as it sounds, since I am blessed with an ability to remain erect and have a refractory period of less than 5 minutes. I will therefore always continue until every last urge has been chased from her body. I don’t collapse in a selfish heap and roll over!

    What I have found with my girlfriend is happiness beyond a level that I have ever had with anyone else. This is the reason that we can achieve simultaneous orgasm. I would say that the best sex is not sex for sex sake, but for love’s sake. There is nothing better than spending a day out, even doing mundane things and starting the foreplay even then. That doesn’t necessarily mean groping, but it simply means being caring, romantic and letting each other know, in the middle of the street if necessary, how much you mean to each other. Sexual performance is increased when their is an emotional connection too. Failed performances are symptomatic of a failed or failing relationship since both partners should put the other’s sexual needs first.

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