How to Go Down on a Woman and Have Her Begging for More

Cunnilingus is the holy grail of satisfying most women. Nothing can compare to the feeling of a warm wet tongue sliding across the vulva and clitoris. With the exception of masturbation, oral sex probably results in more female orgasms than any other sexual practice.

With all the societal and social stigma telling women they have to be “good girls”, very few feel comfortable talking openly about sex in general.

So it’s no surprise that most women won’t tell you they’d love for you to “go down on them”. Sure it can bring them immense pleasure, but it’s rare for a woman to make that request of her man.

Here’s what’s even worse. Amazingly enough, many women have NEVER experienced an orgasm! Think about that for a minute… never having had an orgasm.

Now, how would YOU like to be the one to give her that very first magical mind blowing orgasm? To give her all that pleasure. Read more

3 Responses

  1. Wow, those numbers are so sad. Is that really still true? I remember reading that growing up and it seemed right. But these days I’d have thought guys would have got their act together a little better. Maybe not!

    Though on some level I suppose a guy can never know, I figure I’m doing okay since my wife initiates sex regularly. I asked her about this and she said that in previous relationships every guy she’s dated has gladly gone down on her without her asking, and done at least a respectable job of it. Maybe she just knows how to choose the right guys!

  2. So am I the only girl ever who gets nothing from oral sex? It does absolutely nothing for me, regardless of sexual partner. Weird, huh?

  3. I doubt that you’re the only girl who gets nothing from oral sex, since a lot of men don’t do it very well (hence, these posts). Still, twice as many women (about two-thirds versus one-third) have orgasms from oral sex than from intercourse.

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