6 Ways to Turn a Small Penis into a Big Asset

Do you consider your penis to be undersized? Having a small penis is far from being a death of your sex life. Men with small penises can actually become much better lovers and attract and satisfy beautiful women much better than men gifted with big ones. If you’re not convinced, here are six ways to turn a small penis into a big asset.

1) Spend time on foreplay.
In many cases, women appreciate foreplay much more than actual penetration. The way you touch your woman indicates to her how you feel about her, and the way you feel about her impacts how she will respond to you sexually and how pleasurable the sex will be for her. Arouse her slowly. It takes most women far longer than men to become fully aroused – as long as a half-hour in many cases.

2) Improve your oral skills.
A big penis is no advantage when it comes to performing cunnilingus. Hardly any woman would complain that your penis is not big enough if you have made her climax with your tongue and lips. Following the 5 Steps to Perfect Cunnilingus will ensure that the size of your penis is the last thing on her mind.

3) Play and tease.
The erogenous zones that bring most women to orgasm are easy to access. Use all possible techniques to please her clitoris- stroke it with your fingers, mouth, and, yes, your penis. If you learn to how to Tease Her to Please Her, you may make her orgasm happen before actual penetration.

4) Learn how to use what you have.
Your small penis can feel big if you use one of these two positions that will make your penis feel bigger inside her. However, it’s not really about the size, but about the way you use it. Studies reveal that only about 30% of women reach orgasm from sexual intercourse, but if you use the Friction Zone Technique, you can often give women orgasms during intercourse who have never had them before.

5) A small penis can be an advantage with anal sex.
A woman who is hesitant to try anal sex with a big penis may be more will to have a go at it with a small one. If you follow these 10 Steps to Great First-Time Anal Sex, she may even learn to like it even more than doing it in the “usual way.”

6) Engage your creativity
Keep in mind that the biggest erogenous zone is brain. Excite your woman on a mental level. Talk to her, give her compliments, and invent new scenarios of lovemaking. In other words, turn your sex session into something special.

Now that you are aware of all these techniques, stop worrying. You now know that you can satisfy any woman no matter what the size of your penis. Besides, women like men – not penises. Once a woman is involved in a relationship with a man, all the sizes and other measurements become absolutely insignificant.

Are you really happy with your penis size? Just six minutes per day for a few short weeks can make your penis much longer, thicker, and healthier and give you permanent gains, which you can enjoy for the rest of your life. To find out more about the secrets behind these breathtaking new techniques, click here.

21 Responses

  1. Haven’t you ever heard of a casual hook up turning into a long term relationship. In todays world and younger generation, this happens often. My choice, is to go about trying to get women to love me enough my small penis won’t matter? What if she just doesn’t like small penises? Not a shallow woman, just none of these “alternatives” are as a good as when she does the same thing with a normal size. I read your post about anal sex and a big penis…”Well worth the effort”. I’m very happy to hear that my ex and her new big penis guy are enjoying anal sex I introduced her to, much more.

    And how many times do I go through the emotional effort to be lovable first? Some women are PISSED guys don’t say on the 1st date, “Look I’m small”. But if I bring it up, I’m creepy or ruin my chances. But if I wait till she tries to hide the look of disappointment on her face, God it hurts.

    MAD TV had a skit called “Lowered Expectations” not that funny, but I related. I don’t try for women I’m completely attracted to, I go for who I can. Studies show that women who feel they are attractive hold I high import on penis size. Women who didn’t held a low physical self image. Hot women are approached by men who are confident ergo large. Natural selection. We all know the couples who have no other explanation…

    Thanks for your blog. I’ll continue to search through it for some way to be ok I’m a joke among the normal people.

  2. My posts about big penises, like those about small ones, are in response to readers who saw them as a problem. Since I like big penises, I don’t think they’re a problem and suggest ways to accommodate them. In the same way, a small penis doesn’t have to make intercourse less enjoyable, so I write posts that suggest positions to make a small penis feel longer and thicker if that’s what a woman is used to or prefers.

  3. Yeah so when a women admits what other’s don’t they still say, “SOMEONE will like it”. So irresponsible to propagate A LIE THAT JUST SENDS US SMALL HOPELESS GUYS BACK out there to be humiliated.

  4. ” You now know that you can satisfy any woman no matter what the size of your penis. Besides, women like men – not penises. Once a woman is involved in a relationship with a man, all the sizes and other measurements become absolutely insignificant.”

    You call me a CRANK, but you say these things, then contradict it everywhere else! Oh right, you’d let a guy swoon you, then when you find out he has a small penis…? Oh, it won’t make the small penis “absolutely insignificant” to YOU? Or the other ELEVEN women?

    I’m sure you’d like to make some comment on SPS and how the “Angry small penis man only makes it worse”. Well, that applies to dumb ass normal size guys who think they are small. Its the normal size guys who get mutilating surgeries.

    I’m not angry at women for their preferences. How can I be? I’m angry at the fact of nature, you bet! AND I’m angry at how women allow men to slam against a wall time and again. No male chauvinistic slur, female debasing, nor ANY female self-image disturbance even compares to this. You said it yourself, women don’t have to be good in bed!

  5. What do you hope to gain by calling me a liar because I won’t confirm your idée fixe? If I’m a liar, then what does it matter what I say?

  6. No where do you say a small penis is a disadvantage. But you do say, “But if you have a small penis, then this should help, of course I don’t know any women personally who believe this (Lord knows I don’t), but if she loves you it won’t matter”

    So, I take from this, that size only matters if the woman doesn’t love me? So, no FWB for me, no booty calls for me, no drunk hook-ups for me, no 1st date sex for me. I know MANY LTR that began these ways, but I guess I’ll never had that chance.

    No, because according to your advice, I just have to date as many women as possible, find one I can be remotely be attracted to, forego any sex until she is completely in love with me, so after all this and a few positions/techniques (that don’t make me anything near the lover a guy doing the same things, but with a normal dick can) she’ll be willing to sacrifice PIV sex thereby making my penis absolutely irrelevant.

  7. The problem here is that you, like most women, by refusing to just say the truth, you pass the cycle on to the next unsuspecting woman.

    I got a real bad deal lady. I am a sentient man. I knew what was in store for me by the time I was 10. Since then, I’ve been looking for truth and perspective. And hope.

    Penis size matters. Bigger (if not humongous) feels better, looks better, and a guy may be fragile, but if he’s at least average, he’s salvageable.

    So, beginning your “advice” with the ambiguous, “Size isn’t everything…If you are small try..” etc.., you are sidestepping the first part. TRUTH. Just the natural fact is what I seek here.

    Perspective. I can’t get past this in my inner conversations, because I don’t have enough 1st hand information. Ok, size matters… no wait, it doesn’t… oh yeah it does… well it does but you can be less-not-satisfying if you do all this… no it ok if she loves you. How can I process all this and then say, “ok, this is what women REALLY think. They don’t want to tell you, but please don’t try to date us.

    Hope. You should see me with kids. You should see women, when they see me with kids. I want to make my own with a beautiful woman who isn’t settling. This here annoyance you are dodging, is pretty much my only dark spot. I’m a Critical Care RN. I touch lives in a way daily, I doubt you could comprehend. And I don’t lie or be vague with my patients. They may be scared, but because they know I’m honest, they trust me. It is me they speak of for empowering them to live. All I asked you to do was tear away the BS and give the WHOLE truth.

  8. No matter what I say, it’s only the “truth” if I agree with you. What’s the point? Why are you even going through this charade?

  9. Jesus?! IF you and every other woman would stop being obtuse and saying things like you said above. Charade? Why can’t you just answer? I know you see I’m not some Small Penis Syndrome normal size guy.

    I looked to you for help, you played more “evolved than thou”. Say the truth, leave out the vague and contradictory. If you are candid and forthcoming, I’ll gain the perspective I need. Damit! I know you don’t think I really just want you to say sacacstic misleading, “Sure, you’re right Ron”.

    I need the truth, I know part of it, if my worst fear is as true as I can’t bring myself to fully accept, (because I hold that tiny bit of hope) then I begin a new path. If, I can be sure you’re not just protecting your “insightful blog reputation”, then I’ll accept what you say.

    You know you can help, but “crushing” a guy would be bad for your rep. Helping a man who has been humiliated the majority of my life because I have a small penis (less than 5inches!!!) would mean huge Karma points. Look, if you don’t want to say it here, please send your full answer to Side showbob_@hotmail.com

  10. As I finished the last note, a Ritz camera commercial came on. Some women hold up their hands palm inward saying, “I like it big” another, “I like it big and fat”. The inference is about larger prints, but its sickening obvious they are playing on penis size. At the end some guys is holding a big baby print as he says, ” Who says size doesn’t matter”.

    Its like the Gieco cavemen ones. Everybody else thinks it funny, not the cave men though huh?

    How can you be so mean? knowing what you do, quoting that 1 in 12 women thing, and know this is how I go through every day?

  11. whoops, My hands are shaking


  12. “No matter what I say, it’s only the “truth” if I agree with you. What’s the point? Why are you even going through this charade?”

    Then show me candidly where you agree or disagree.Have a discourse without the sidestepping smoke grenades?

    I know you see the points I make. You see how I’ve been set up for this, and feel Ok doing the same thing. I don’t want to be advesarial, but come on Svetlana, I truly am seeking truth, the WHOLE truth. All you are focusing on (for your other readers) is the easy target shit, how about how devastaing being the guy only 1 in 12 finds I resemble a man?

  13. From the PENIS SIZE DEBATE. He reviews the “literature of “experts”. I so hope you can admit the point. Be Orginal.

    Alice: “Men invariably assume that their partner will prefer a bigger penis. The reality is that your partner would most probably prefer a more skilled, caring, warm lover. Maybe you guys could stop focusing on your penis sizes, and instead work on developing your skills and exchanging tips on touching, kissing, caressing and lovemaking.”
    His answer:
    Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that women prefer a skilled, warm and caring lover above an arrogant, cold hearted and incompetent one. But that wasn’t the question either. Just like politicians, these experts are trained to say anything to avoid straightforward answers. The question was “Is size important?” not “Are skill and caressing important?” The issue is not “love, foreplay and skill.” The question is neither “Is penis size the most important thing in the life of women?” The fundamental question is: “Considering all other things equal, does a normal, healthy woman get the same vaginal pleasure from any penis no matter its size?” Answer this question with either yes or no. Add some ifs and buts to it if you want, but be honest. This therapist is getting really into dangerous waters by advising these guys to stop focusing on their penis sizes, without telling them the truth first. Let’s say these guys follow her advice and after a while their women still don’t get earth shattering vaginal orgasms. They might think: “Well, since it is not the fault of my penis size, it must be my fault. I am just not good enough.” Well done therapist, you got yourself a couple of new clients!

  14. Where did you come up with the idea that I’m a sex therapist? Certainly not from anything I’ve said on my blog. I don’t even claim to be a sex “expert.”

    I’m just a woman who enjoys sex, has experimented some, and thinks I have some knowledge to pass along to both women and men. I am not dispensing the “conventional wisdom” – just my own experiences and perspective. The only audience I’m interested in pleasing is my readers. Apparently, I failed in your case.

  15. All you had to say was the truth. Instead you sidestepped, “The only audience I’m interested in pleasing is my readers”

    I did know you were “just a girl”, but that made your candid answer that much more attractive. You like big penises. So does a majority of women. If all these “techniques” levels the field, why can you state this WHILE EXPLAINING why you like big penises.

    If a patient is going to die, no matter what I can do, I don’t lie to them or evade their direct questions. If I’m just fucked, then say that. If I am, but NOT AS BAD as I think, say that. But to say, “I like big penises, but SOME woman might be “ok” with a small one” is being careful. I’m sure anyone reading this sees me as pathetic. I guarantee the sentient small penis guys are cheering me on. Many, sadly, will be upset I’m pulling the curtain back on their facade.

  16. I said I was “just a woman,” not a girl. I explained why I like big penises in numbers 40 and 41 of 100 Things about Me Sexually.

    Since I have done Kegel exercises for years – at first to have better orgasms – any size penis is all right now, but a big one allows me to just relax and enjoy.

    I’m not “evading” your question. It’s just such a stupid question that I can’t answer it the way you want me to.

  17. So, women can’t just relax and enjoy sex with a small penis? Its a chore. That’s how I have always viewed my efforts. I can’t have a “quickie” with a woman because all the ancillary arousal techniques are not just added assets, their my only asset.

    How exactly is trying to put an eyes wide open perspective on an issue that is part of the core of being human, a stupid question? We don’t have sex just to propagate. Females first chose mates that had larger penises because instinctively they knew mechanically, they had a better chance for offspring. To make this desirable, nature made a vagina built to enjoy them. Today, women can chose men for a variety of sexual and non-sexual ways. However, if they had their druthers, a man would have to be at least “average”.

    Then come the “experts” and women who would rather appear more evolved than their penis preference.

    “Since I have done Kegel exercises for years – at first to have better orgasms any size penis is all right now, but a big one allows me to just relax and enjoy.”

    Any penis is all right? Yet you can only REALX AND ENJOY with a big one that fills you up? Why don’t you see the contradictory nature of this statement?

  18. Life’s a bitch when a guy is hung with a smaller than average sized unit.
    I know because I’m less than five, myself. It is all a matter of perspctive, however. The way I see it is that you can spend your life pouting about something that you can do nothing to change Or, you can make do with what you have. I prefer to keep it all to myself and spring it on the unsuspecting gals once I have their clothes off and it’s time to get down to business.
    My motto has always been to answer when asked “why do women have so much trouble having an orgasm?”, with WHO CARES??

  19. Are you ever invited back for a return engagement?

  20. I would leave a comment telling you that everything is good and normal, but that would be a complete lie. I know you were told that your size and shape is common but it was not true. Just like everything else in life you know if it is a large bag of dog crap an you suck.

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