An Exercise to Enlarge Your Breasts AND Tighten Your Vagina

A lot of women would like larger breasts and/or a tighter vagina. The good news is that there is an exercise that promises to do both.

Caitlin Mackenna at Natural Remedies writes about a Taoist Chi Kung exercise called the Female Deer Exercise, which she says can be used to increase your breasts a cup size in 30 days. Read how to do it here. However, there is a second part of the exercise that Caitlin doesn’t include in her post.

Jennifer Lawless describes both parts of the Female Deer Exercise in her post at Tantra: Gateway to Ecstasy. If you’re not dedicated enough to follow the vaginal strengthening exercise routine I posted here, the “Holding Firm” part of the Female Deer Exercise promises to make your vagina “tighter, meatier, and more flexible.” Women who would like a tight, meaty, flexible vagina can learn how to do “Holding Firm” here.

Whether you want larger breasts or a tighter vagina, it sounds like the Female Deer Exercise is the way to go.

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