Is a Big Penis the Key to Happiness?

Is a big penis the key to happiness? Not all women think so, but to a man a big penis is an asset than can never be taken away from him. Even in the face of devastating losses, having a big penis gives a man an inner confidence and peace of mind that is unshakable. Take Josh, for example:

Things were not looking good for Josh (not his real name). He had lost all the money he’d made as a day trader. To make matters worse, his longtime girlfriend walked out on him, taking all the furniture and whatever else she could carry. By any measure, it was rock bottom. But when Josh’s friends mobilized the rescue crew, they were astounded: Josh appeared to be totally unfazed.

“He didn’t care!” says Josh’s best friend, Steve (not his real name), a 35-year-old hedge-fund manager who worked with him on Wall Street. “He shrugged it off. It would have killed a lesser man.” But Steve knew his friend’s nonchalance wasn’t due to some elaborate form of self-hypnosis or handfuls of Wellbutrin. Josh owed his composure to something far simpler: nine inches of the most primal form of self-assurance known to man. Read more

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  1. […] Even though only one out of three women prefer penises seven inches or longer, many men consider a big penis the key to happiness . In fact, one man with a small penis angrily claims that his shortcoming is the only reason he […]

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