Ab Exercises for More Powerful Orgasms

In a previous post, I reported that ab exercises were triggering orgasms, or “core-gasms” in some women. One women who had them explained that contracting her abs involuntarily contracted her PC muscles too. Whether or not you ever have a “core-gasm” in the gym, if you really want to improve your orgasms, you need to start working your abs.

Our abs help us maintain sex positions and keep our lower backs in line when thrusting. Our abdominal muscles are also key to helping us attain more powerful and faster orgasms, so it makes sense to work them as much as possible.

If you squeeze and contract your abs during sex, you can increase your orgasms to twice their normal power. To strengthen your abs, you can do a conventional abdominal workout at the gym (and maybe have a “core-gasm”), or you could try an unusual ab exercise that you can do in your spare moments during the day.

The stomach vacuum exercise was widely used in the early days of bodybuilding, but is now almost forgotten. Here’s how to do this simple, but extremely effective exercise.

Sit up straight and pull your belly button in for one second, imagining it’s touching the back of your spine. Release and repeat until you’ve done this 25-100 times. Aim for two to four sets of 100 reps each day.

As with any exercise program, start with the lower number of reps and sets and build up to the maximum. However, you may surprise yourself at how quickly you progress with this exercise. You should begin to see a stronger and more chiseled midsection in as little as three weeks.

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