Wearing Stilettos May Lead to Better Orgasms

Everyone knows that stilettos make women look and feel sexier, but who knew that wearing high-heeled shoes could also improve our sex lives?

It doesn’t need a scientist to tell us that the sight of stilettos can have a dramatic effect on men’s libido.

But wearing them can also work wonders for a woman’s sex life, research suggests.

High-heeled shoes not only tone the legs and strengthen the pelvic muscles, but they “directly work the pleasure muscles which are linked to an orgasm”, it is claimed.

If you don’t want to do PC muscle exercises, such as the ones in my post Vaginal Strengthening Exercises for More Powerful Orgasms, wearing heels during daily activity may reduce the need for them.

Italian urologist Dr Maria Cerruto discovered that a pair of “moderately high-heeled shoes” had beneficial effects.

“I adore high-heeled shoes and I wanted to find something positive about them,” said Dr Cerruto, of the University of Verona. “In the end I achieved my goal.

“The heels influence and work the pelvic muscles and reduce the need to exercise them.

“We now hope to prove that wearing heels during daily activity may reduce the need for the pelvic exercises necessary to keep that part of a woman’s anatomy toned and elastic.” Read more

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