What Sex Feels Like for a Man – and for a Woman

A post at Yahoo! Canada asks a question that every woman has wondered about:

I always wanted to know why men were so crazy about vaginal sex. I’d like to hear from the men!!!!!!

Here’s the best answer chosen by voters:

It’s a pretty amazing feeling, really.

Once I enter a woman, I feel tightness yet flexibility in terms of my penis being rubbed in a woman’s vagina….it’s a pretty weird feeling yet the senstation is unbelievable! The vagina seems to be built for the penis so when men start going “in and out” it gives us a rubbing sensation (which of course gets our reproductive system going). This sensation definitely makes a man wanting to come (or should I say ***) back over and over again :-)

The ability to stick our penis up into a tight region is a great feeling; the vagina is like no other region ;-)

That’s it? Sounds nice, but not enough to make me want to change genders. Here’s the best description I’ve read about what sex feels like for a woman:

… The first part of copulation isn’t the penetration itself, but the anticipation. It’s that warm throbbing sensation you get while he’s pressed up against you, and you can detect tumescence. That feeling is incredible; your pulse quickens, you catch your breath, your face flushes, you close your eyes and know for sure what is about to happen, and it makes you want it that much more. It’s hard not to jump him then and there, but you’ve learned to make this part last as long as you can, because it builds up the tension to be released later. Dancing closely is a massive turn-on, too. You can feel his need, and the surge of power you get from exciting him so much in turn excites you. Read more

2 Responses

  1. It ‘seems’ to be? Imagine that.

  2. Other modes (Greek, oral) and positions are nice on occasion, but face-to-face vaginal penetration with full-length body contact is the ultimate for me because what I’m after even more than pleasure itself is a sense of union. My Shakti fortunately is just the right size to fit like a glove, and though she is petite, she is very strong inside, and not passive. I don’t want her to be submissive, or be “conquered,” I want her to be in partnership, and vaginal sex gives her more control than Greek and more pleasure than (giving me) oral. I want her feeling like a loved, not “had.” I love to lose myself in her and feel her milk me and absorb me until I fear I might lose my masculinity in her. Psychologically, sex for me is a matter of trying to reach the impossible goal of occupying the same space that she does at the same time, or of being her, in a sense. The dog is great, but nothing beats feeling all of her against me, feasting on her mouth, and feeling her giving as good as she gets with her hips.

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