4 Ancient Pagan Sex Positions

The sexual practices of pagans were based on the power of creation and nature’s role in it. What we know about their sexual practices is from the prohibitions of the Christian church and its insistence on the standard missionary position for sexual union. Here are four ancient pagan sex positions that were banned by the Church.

1) The Bunny and Hare
The woman would be on all fours on the ground and take a sort of crouching position. The man would spread her legs slightly, and, while on his knees, he would penetrate her and thrust in a very aggressive manner with the idea to finish and ejaculate as quickly as possible. This was the way pagans saw rabbits copulating.

2) The Deer and Stag
This was a standing position where the woman would bend at her waist at a 45 degree angle and hold on to a tree. The man would make a rear entry, holding her hips and forcing her to counter thrust as he thrust in an aggressive manner. This position allows for good penetration and fair G-spot stimulation.

3) Leaping Lizards
Leaping lizards is a standing position with the man and woman face to face. The woman raises one leg, and wraps it around the man’s waist, while being supported against a tree or rock. The man would enter her, and the woman would embrace him. Their coordinated movements gave the image of lizards leaping. This position is excellent for clitoral stimulation.

4) Standing Spoons
In this position, the woman turns her back to the man while standing and supporting herself against a tree. The man spreads the woman’s legs slightly and enters her from the rear. There is no thrusting. The man presses himself as closely as he can to her and embraces the woman by cupping her breasts. The woman may use one hand to press the man’s buttocks. This position allows full penetration and gives excellent G-spot stimulation.

Pagan sexual practices are not lost to history as many people believe. The sex positions they used are recommended by many sex experts today as some of the best positions for pleasuring both partners.

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