Do African Women Have Orgasms?

Dating coach Christine Akiteng says that our cultural lenses influence which forms of sexual attitudes, behaviors, communication, and expressions are true, real and acceptable to us. These cultural biases led a Western interviewer to assume that African women don’t have orgasms when, in fact, some are capable of reaching orgasm without any sexual contact at all.

… Naturally the interview came round to “Do African women experience orgasms during sex?” I was not surprised when the African women said “no we don’t have orgasms.” First of all Africans don’t like talking about sex with people they barely know. Having been exploited for centuries and their ways and cultures being despised too many times by those who claim to come as friends, they are now often rather reserved and suspicious and unwilling to share what they consider a sacred aspect of their culture. And secondly, most African women will not ask for further clarification because Africans don’t talk directly about sex. And sure enough, in the African typical way of not asking questions to clarify all doubts in the initial meeting, and then coming up with a whole bunch of questions and suggestions later, the women wanted me to explain what an “orgasm’ means.


It might therefore come as a shock to Western researchers and Educated African urbanites (or modern Africans) to know that some African women reach orgasms without any sexual contact at all. No man around, no sexual touching or manipulation of sexual organs using fingers or sexual toys. As part of “pleasure’ education curriculum at Puberty Rites of Passage to Adulthood, young women train their vaginal muscles to contract and ripple when they are squeezed. The rippling causes a kind of squeezing and releasing action that starts at one end and moves along the vagina. In lovemaking this is felt by the penis as a milking affect (some men scream out loud when milked). Because there are so many overlapping muscle groups in the pelvis area, they can isolate themselves and the owner can operate them in isolation. When the vaginal muscles are in very good shape, an initiated African woman can have an orgasm sitting right in front of you and saying “no, I don’t have orgasms.” Read more

The vaginal muscle exercises mentioned are probably similar to the ones in my post Vaginal Strengthening Exercises for More Powerful Orgasms.

2 Responses

  1. I know that the african woman that I have been with have all orgasimed and said that my albino white snake was very satisfing

  2. well i’m actually african and i have plenty orgasms, the ones you are reffering to are probably african women who have been circumsized, it still does go on in some parts of africa and without a clit you can’t orgasm. The thought that they don’t orgasm doesn’t even make sense

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