Advanced Sex Ed – Oral Sex – Viewer Request

Kicesie discusses problems with the taste, feel, and smell of oral sex.

One Response

  1. For me long foreplay is very condusive to some very hot oral 69 sex. Needless to say being very clean by showering together with erotic soaps is a must. I trim my pubic area and I have a good body, a flat stomach and I go get nice looks from women at the nudist resort I belong to. I have been invited to join a couple for a threesome sometimes and I am amazed as to how many hubbys love to see their wife teasing a naked guest, first by dancing naked and having my cock rub against her ass cheeks, tummy and slowly rub back and forth on her pussy. One woman leaned over a chair and let me probe her asshole and cunt as her hubby filmed us. Many women love to have their ass cheeks playfully slapped for being so slutty as they are on hands and knees, their fine ass cheeks, asshole and pussy on display!

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