How to Start an Argument to Get Great Make-Up Sex

Men often wonder why women seem to look for reasons to fight and argue. It’s because it’s stimulating, of course. Now David Portney has come up with a way to exploit our female brains to get great “make-up sex.”

… Make up sex is what follows a big blow-out argument fight. After the fight, you have passionate wild sex that blows your minds. Why is this sex so good?

It’s because you’ve both stimulated the part of your brains that are responsible for extremely high sexual arousal. You want to use this fact to your advantage even when you’re on a date. It’s a little risky, but it works, and here’ s how: Read more

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  1. […] point that the author makes (which I made in a previous post) is one that men that men should keep in mind if they want to “make sense” of the women […]

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