Sex Tips for “Married Old Guys” – How to Keep Your Sex Life Hot, Even without Erections

Rose Rivera at Speak Sexy answers a reader question:

Today’s question was submitted by a 52 year old married man who self-identifies as “Old.” I wouldn’t say 52 is old, but that’s not the point right now. Here is his exact question:

“I am married, so my sex skills are really rusty. Do you have any recommendations for us married old guys?” ~Married Old Guy, Kansas, USA~

Hm, the fact that his sex skills are rusty because he’s been married a long time immediately raises a red flag. From my perspective, this statement should not be true. If you’re married and have been enjoying sex with your spouse for a long time then your sex skills “should” be fairly refined by now – perhaps to the point of sexual connoisseur. You should know everything about your spouse as a sexual being. What turns them on, what their favorite place to be touched is, how many orgasms they can possibly have in a row. That sort of intimate understanding is at the heart of a loving long term relationship. Read more

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