Steamy Sex Secrets He Wants You to Know

Relationship expert Michael Douglas reveals the eight steamy sex secrets men want us to know:

Men are full of surprises. And bedroom behaviour is no exception. Men have their secrets and they want their wives to know them. It’s true that all men have sex secrets. Not the darm sultry secrets of an affair, but a restraint in sharing some cravings or the details of his day-to-day thoughts and actions with his wife – inside and out of the marriage. He may not reveal romance strategies or feelings of vulnerability or shame. These are things that men may have learned, over time, to keep to themselves. Because a man does not always openly express his emotions, women too often feel that his ‘unavailability’ is intentional, that his silence is an unwillingness to open up. Men are actually full of thoughts and feelings, but unable to meet the standards that too many put on them to openly communicate them. So, what powerful facts about themselves do all men want to share with their spouses? Here are eight sex secrets that may help you understand – and get even closer to – your man. Read more

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