Can Ab Exercises Trigger Orgasms?

Can ab exercises trigger orgasms, or is the correct word “core-gasms?” One woman almost stumps the expert when she asks why she’s having orgasms while doing crunches in the gym.

I recently found this Q&A article, where a woman asks why she’s having “core-gasms” while doing crunches at the gym. And I have to say, even though the (male, naturally) sex expert was stumped, it came as no surprise to me (and probably to many other women).

The fact is, many women who have trouble having orgasms eventually realize that the more active a role they play in the…action, the easier it is for them to finish. Now, I’m not saying that all of them are having orgasms at the gym. But you’ll find that engaging your abs in the bedroom can help—big time. And while the expert in the article might not have personal experience in that area, the three theories he gives as to why it might work are right on target. Smart guy. So, without further ado, here are his three guesses at why ab workouts can “work” for women—both in and out of the bedroom: Read more

A reader offered this explanation:

I’ve found that doing ab exercises makes me start doing kegels involuntarily– the abs and the pc floor muscles are opposite one another, so it makes sense that they’d both be engaged when you’re strengthening your core.

Yes, I have had a core-gasm… and yes, engaging the ab muscles (as well as the pelvic floor muscles) are a surefire way to build to an uncontrollable orgasm during sex. It helps with simultaneous orgasm, in my experience.

So, Strengthening your PC muscles may lead to “core-gasms” in the gym or, at the very least, better orgasms in the bedroom.

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